Letter to Editor on the Subject “Dowry Deaths”, Complete English Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Letter to Editor on the Subject “Dowry Deaths”




The Editor, 

‘Women’s Own Journal’, 




Despite an Anti-Dowry Act in our country and a police cell to look into cases of dowry, dowry murders continue unabated. An average of about ten is reported each month in our national dailies. But many hundreds of such cruel acts go unknown behind the confines of the house. 

I think a more active campaign on war-footing is required to suppress this cruelest crime. Women’s teams should ‘invade’ homes and ‘interview people all over India. Any suspicion of a daughter-in-law in threat or distress should be interrogated and brought to the notice of the police. Just as the tax inspectors can raid houses on suspicion, a government law can authorize dowry gate-crashing. 


Yours etc., 

Vandna Mittal, 

Secretary, Bombay Women’s Forum. 



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