Letter to Editor for the Subject “Religion in Politics”, Complete English Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Letter to Editor for the Subject “Religion in Politics” 




The Editor, 




It is high time the public woke up to the heinous game being played by politicians in the name of religion. The Babri-Ayodhya Issue is an imbroglio created by political parties to denounce each other. No religious-minded Hindu or Muslim is going to waste his time over trifles like who built the shrine or who should pray in it. God and his true devotees keep away from these wrangles. The formula for turning the shrine into a school or a symbol of communal harmony has also/no takers because the solution does not subserve the needs of the party which wants to use Muslim and Hindu vote banks. 

Religious fundamentalism of either community is a deterrent to national development. 

Yours etc., 

Alti Palsekar. 


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