Letter to Editor for “Increasing Environmental Pollution”, Complete Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Letter to Editor for “Increasing Environmental Pollution”




The Editor, 

India Today



The article on ‘Ozone Colonies of the 21st Century’ in your issue of 23 August, 19… fails to take into account the immediate problem of vehicular pollution in metropolises like New Delhi which has twice the level of pollution admissible by international standards. One has just to pass along Ring Road through West Delhi Colonies in the evening hours to notice a thick envelope of gases around him. The sky is invisible and one is inhaling toxic gases. At least 85% of the daily commuters in the capital are inhaling pollution equivalent to ten cigarettes a day. It is not surprising to see asthmatic patients moving about in masks as if they were aliens on a different planet! 

The introduction of pollution check-points seems to be mere tokenism. Unless a serious view is taken, Delhi will be reduced to a ‘dying city’. 

Yours etc., 

Akash Advani. 


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