Letter to Editor about Increasing Population , Complete Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Letter to Editor about Increasing Population 





The Editor, 

‘Nav Bharat Times’, 




Apropos the article entitled, “2001A.D.” published in the columns of your esteemed paper of the Rh Jan, 19… is commendable for its presentation of details. There is a branch of science now becoming increasingly popular, called “Futurology” which uses statistics to prove the results of various social, economic and ethnic processes going on in the present. It is, therefore, that the above-mentioned article falls within the area of Futurology. 

The article fails to mention how much time will indoctrination against large families takes in India. Social change is a very slow process and the propaganda of advertisements on T.V., radio, hoardings in public places take decades to establish itself in the public consciousness. India has the most traditional social structure. While some families desire one baby unit, there are still many who prefer large families, especially in the rural setting. 

Will India’s population be under control in 2001 A.D.? 

Yours etc., 

Kamal Ranadive, 

13, Vikas Vihar, 






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