Job Application Example for ” Advertisement Example for Engineer ” Letter Writing Exercise for Students.

 Advertisement Example for Engineer 

We require engineers to work on the Raymon Suspension Bridge Project at Guwahati. The project will take up about 5 years. The post carries a consolidated salary of Rs. 6000 mensem and attractive perks. Modest housing will be available. Engineers with experience in bridge design construction may apply to Executive Engineer, Raymon Project, Guwahati by 10 August, 






The Executive Engineer, 

Raymons Suspension Bridge Project, 




With reference to your advertisement of 16 April, 19… for the post of an Engineer, I wish to submit the following particulars for your kind perusal and consideration. 

I have a B.Tech. degree from the Nagpur Engineering College and have worked as a Junior Engineer for the Gammon India bridge project at Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. I was personally responsible for the design of special reinforcements on the banks of the River Beas in Mandi and for suggesting the strength of the pillars to be fixed in the river beds. Owing to unforeseen seasons, the work has suffered a setback. The land on the river bank has receded and new calculations will have to be made to reinforce this. The work being suspended for a year now, I am looking for a new opening. 

I have heard of the name of your company in the field of suspension bridge design and wish to work for you. Kindly give me a chance to prove my worth. 

Thanking you. 

Yours sincerely, 

Arvind Vashisth. 

Gammon India Ltd., 

Chowbate Bazar, Mandi, H.P. 



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