Fiance Complains of Boy Friend’s Cold Attitude, Complete Love Letter Writing Example for Class.

Fiance Complains of Boy Friend’s Cold Attitude 



Dear Dev, 

I have been noticing a marked change in your behaviour and attitude to me in the last fortnight. You do not seem so pleased and you do not smile spontaneously on seeing me as you used to do earlier. There is a sort of look in your eyes as if you were displeased about something in me. Your whole demeanour and mien, your subtle vibes speak a language of coldness which I cannot fathom. Have I displeased you unconsciously and unintentionally in any way? 

It is not mature on your part to allow passing feelings and impressions to control your judgement. You must learn to clarify matters by a frank discussion not allowing them to snowball out of proportion. I assure you I have the same regard for you as ever. Not an iota less! 

Please give vent to your feelings when we meet next in the college campus near the famous lover’s peepul tree. 

Yours very sincerely, 



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