Business Advertisement Letter to Customer from a New Health Centre, Complete English Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students..

Business Advertisement Letter to Customer from a New Health Centre 

Astra Health Club, 

13, Gulmohar Park, Calcutta. 



We are happy to bring to your locality the first health club built on international lines. Astra Health Clubs are a chain organization with centres in all major cities of India. It is affiliated to Astra Gyms and Resorts Incorporated, New York. Its founder, Anand Rishi is an Indian settled in the States for the last two decades. He blended the hoary wisdom of Indian Yoga to western systems of exercise and callisthenic well-being. The club in the USA is very popular and is patronized by Hollywood stars, business magnates and even Senators. 

Our club at Gulmohar Park has a gym rigged out with the latest hi-tech exercise machines to develop every muscle and tone each joint of the human anatomy: The gym has meters to give one an indication of improvement in health and strength. We also have a sauna, jacuzzi, aerobics and yoga centres. There are instructors around to guide you. You may also switch on your video console and follow the instructions given and demonstrated on the screen. 

Now you ‘must be thinking the admission fee is exorbitant. No! That is, it. It’s a people’s club. You pay an initial deposit of Rs. 350 only and then just RS. 100 a month (family members pay no deposit fee, only Rs. 20 each a month) and use it 7 days a week from morning 6 to evening 9 p.m.! (Can any service centre retail so much?) It accommodates the timings of all classes of people. It’s almost a no-profit making club. 

Contact us for details (all days 10 a.m. — 5 p.m.) or call 928780. We will send our boys to give you details and pictures. 


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