Advertisement Letter from a Hire Company for Plants and Flowers, Complete Business Letter Writing Example.

Advertisement Letter from a Hire Company for Plants and Flowers. 


New Star Nursery, 

Menaka Bazaar, Hyderabad. 


As you know the interior decor of a business establishment has a subtle and substantial contribution to make in drawing customers. In order to heighten ethnic decor and give it an environment-friendly appearance, you need to place flowers and plants around your establishment. It is difficult for a newly-opened firm or company to grow plants in their premises immediately. Even a gardener will take months. We have come with a solution by having a great range of flowers and plants in pots of the ethnic design ready for you to hire at nominal rates of Rs. 50 a month. For a contract sum of Rs. 500 we rig up your whole place and charge a” receiving fee of Rs. 100 only thereafter each month. Not a large amount for a company that aims at grossing a profit of Rs 10 lakhs or more! 

Contact us personally or ring us 508540,  Menaka Bazar, Hyderabad. 

An illustrated brochure is enclosed. 

Shafiq Kidwai, 




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