Suggestion, Advice Letter “Reply (angry) by a Teenager about Dating” Letter Writing Example for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 Students.

Reply (angry) by a Teenager about Dating 




Dear Mr. Nath, 

It is quite unwarranted on your part as an elder to take any interest. in my personal affairs. I am now in college and am quite capable of deciding matters for myself. The girl I am dating is well-known to my parents who approve of our relations 




Reply (mild) 




Dear Uncle, 

Who else could be a great well-wisher of mine then you? I am amused you saw us in the park and think my date is ‘beautiful’. I assure you I am going slow with her and our charming friendship is based on interests in western music. We often sing duets at college functions and are planning to have our own rap music group. 

I have told Vinita about you and we shall walk over to your place for more advice. 

Thanking you. 


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