Suggestion, Advice Letter “Advice on Vegetarianism” Letter Writing Example for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 Students.

Advice on Vegetarianism 





Dear Madhavi, 

On 15th May is World Peace Day. Different people in different lands are celebrating it in their own unique style. In Western countries, special mass is being held in churches to invoke God’s blessings for peace on earth. In the USA whites and blacks are congregating to perform musicals together. 

In India, it is celebrated as Vegetarian Day. Lord Mahavira (of your name) advocated non-violence to all living things. You must have seen Jain ‘Munis’ or monks rearing a piece of cloth around the mouth to prevent microbes from entering. 

I strictly advise you as a brother to give up taking flesh. You can begin by abstaining from meat, fish, eggs, all non—veg food on 15th May. It has been proved by medical studies that animal flesh contains toxins which enter our system and cause disease. They upset the metabolism. They contain a high level of cholesterol and harm the heart. People in the West are switching over to vegetarianism to check blood pressure, tensions and longevity in life. 

Our ancient scriptures state on the basis of experience that animal food leads to aggressive tendencies. It is a misconception that flesh makes us muscular and strong.

The elephant is the strongest animal and it consumes only leaves. Carnivorous animals are very aggressive and live much less. Finally, we must learn to protect and love the species nearest to us in evolution. 

Your well-wisher, 



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