Letter to Friend for a Wedding invitation – Informal Invitation.

For a Wedding (Informal Invitation) 


6 Jan 2021 


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kaul, 

You will be happy to learn that our daughter, Rinku is engaged to Shri Manish Pandit, a Captain in the army. Shri Pandit’s parents were well-known to us when we served together in the Indian Embassy in Rome ten years ago. Manish is a handsome, mustached six-footer, a suitable match for our fiery daughter. Both are avid tennis players too. 

The wedding has been fixed for 5 May, 19…, the best time of the year in Srinagar. We are planning a trip with the guest to Pahalgaon and Sonmarg. 

Please do come to the wedding. Let us know in advance if you wish us to arrange return reservations. 

With love to your children. 

Jaya & Avinash Kohli 

13, Mall Road, 




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