English Letter “Request for Appeal in Election Campaign of Votes”. Request Letter Writing Example for Students.

Request for Appeal in Election Campaign of Votes 



Dear Friend, 

As you know I am a candidate for the post of Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh University Students Union. My appeal to you for moral support and your precious franchise is based on the following logic. 

1. I do not belong to any political party in the state or center nor do I have any affiliation to any political creed, caste, or junta. So I am a neutral candidate and shall represent the cause of any student in general. 

2. My first aim, if I get elected, is to fight to revive the true academic environment of our university so that scholars and teachers may regain that academic standing they had in the past. I intend to bring pressure to disband mafia politics. 

3. My aim will also be, to give students just representation in all the governing bodies of the university from which we are completely left out 

I once again appeal to you to vote for me and canvass for me, not to raise me on a power pedestal but to give me a chance to voice your dire, heartfelt needs.

Yours sincerely, 

N.L. Narasimhan. 


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