English Letter “Invitation to A Friend for Visit a Hill-Station in Summer Vacation”. Formal Letter Writing Example.

Invitation to A Friend for Visit a Hill-Station in Summer Vacation.



16 March, 20… 

Dear Sally 

I hope my letter finds you fully recovered from your depression. Such black moods have visited many great people in history. It is said that the founder of the East India Company and of the British Empire in India committed suicide in one of his bouts of depression. 

We must learn to fight such states of mind because they are unhealthy and the aim of life is to be happy always under any circumstance God places us in. 

Your summer vacations are beginning next month. I extend an invitation to you to visit/ Darjeeling, Queen of Hill-Stations in India. Your abode during your stay shall be my humble cottage in the middle of our tea garden. In summer, Darjeeling is a paradise. The hills are carpeted with wildflowers and greenery. We could go trekking to Tiger Hill and see the beautiful sunset. The youth festival will begin in mid-April and so you are in for real fun. Remo Fernandes is coming to sing and so is Apache Indian visiting‘ 

Let me know when you fix your dates for the journey. I shall come to pick you up at Jalpaiguri from where we shall get on to the toy train. What fun it is as the train winds around the hills. 

So cheer up and no more of those thoughts that take away that beautiful smile of yours. 


Yours affectionately,



Kuvempu Tea Gardens, 

Darjeeling, W.Bengal. 


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