English Letter “Congratulation On Success in an Examination”. Congratulations and Felicitations Letter Writing Example.

Congratulation On Success in an Examination 


6 Sept., 20… 


Dear Amrita, 


Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your grand success in the I.A.S. in which your rank is 5th! On top of it, I hear you have been chosen for the Haryana Cadre. That means you will always be nearby for me to come and gossip with you and play tennis. Nothing succeeds like a success it is said. 

The I.A.S. will give you tremendous power as you will have a whole department or commission under you. If you are the Deputy. Commissioner, you’re a virtual king. But don’t let the power go to your head. As a student of history, I needn’t remind you of Lord Acton’s oft-quoted “Power corrupts-and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The new name of the I.A.S. is “I am Safe” But when you become an old hand it means “Invisible after Sunset” 

Yours truly, 



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